What we have achieved so far

Our Trust Deed has been signed and what this means is we have the capacity to raise money to construct a purpose built facility that will be able to house a multitude of specialist services and provide much needed positive spaces for counselling.

We will remain totally transparent as we work towards achieving this objective and with your support we know we will achieve and remain positively focused on our goal.

Our Palliative Nurses Training Plan

Specialist nurses are difficult to find and the costs of a full time ‘Palliative Nurse’ is high, this is why the need for both the Nursing Home and an Oncology Unit is extremely important. A development plan on how to train and retain our valued Palliative nurses is currently underway.

The Pink Finss Charity

Jodie Amor founder of the Pink Finss CharityFounded by Jodie Amor in 2008, (who is an amazing story in her own right), the Pink Finss Charity is a spirited organisation focused on helping local women suffering from breast cancer and their families within our Hawkesbury community. The Pink Finss are an inspirational network, who volunteer their time and skills, as well as work tirelessly to build awareness and raise much needed funds.

The Hawkesbury Living Cancer Trust is currently in the process of partnering with this registered charity, as with our extended support they will be able to further realise their vision. In their own words “breast cancer is just too huge and hard to manage on your own”.

The Pink Finss are involved in many sporting groups in our region and through our connection, we as a trust will also be able to further our reach and build greater positive awareness around our objectives.

 Download the Pink Finss latest newsletter.